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Monday-Friday 10:30am-7pm

Saturday 10:30am-6pm

Sunday 10:30am-3pm

415A Ridge Street

Alton, IL 62002


Grassroots Grocery is the first multiple tiered income stream food cooperative in the Alton, IL area. It hopes to contribute to the restoration of local agriculture, keep money in the local economy, and increase access to healthy food in a low-income area that is currently designated by the USDA as “limited access” or a food desert. The Grassroots Grocery is run as a non-profit and employs a co-operative business model strategy of generating income through store memberships.


Grassroots Grocery is strategically located in an area prime for serving two distinct groups of people. The immediate neighborhoods surrounding the store are designated as “limited supermarket access” and/or “food desert” by the USDA. The Grassroots Grocery seeks to serve this group, many of whom are also on WIC, SNAP, or food stamps, by accepting those forms of payment. In the broader region (approximately 15-mile radius around the store) there is a demand for locally-sourced organic foods, but such stores are over 30 miles away and local farmer’s markets are at limited times. The Grassroots Grocery will provide a close, consistent, and convenient option for these customers in a niche market.

Grassroots Grocery offers products obtained from local and regional producers within a 50-mile radius whenever possible with the understanding that some product will need to be sourced from catalogs and other sources. Grassroots Grocery is a catalyst for further community involvement, significantly contributing to the commerce, fellowship and green culture of the greater community. Buying local foods helps to strengthen communities by providing stability to local farmers, keeping money in the community, and providing jobs to local community members. When local businesses thrive, the entire community wins.

Through outreach and education campaigns, supplemental product information, and thoughtful community events, the Grassroots Grocery will strengthen the community at the same time it strengthens its business. It not only provides access to healthy foods for low income community members, it will also educate those residents about why fresh, local foods are important, and how to best utilize them – please let us know if you would like to take or teach a class.

The neighborhood grocery store serves as a natural opportunity venue for local farmers to extend their product sales. By increasing the volume of access to organically grown and locally sourced food the cost per unit of food is significantly reduced making it affordable to households with diverse income levels.

The future decision making for the store includes its members, employees, the Advisory Council of Grassroots Grocery, and the Board of Directors of the Community Cultivators.