We are a growing, effective cooperative grocery rooted in Alton, Illinois which provides local, healthy and organically grown food, strengthens the network of local farmers, engage our diverse community in improving health and self-sufficiency, and contributes to a sustainable local economy.


Our goal is to continue to be a resource for healthy food and locally made food products, focused on produce grown within a 50-mile radius, whenever possible. We involve the community through education, outreach, and networking opportunities that contribute to the restoration of local, sustainable agriculture in the Alton area. Our vision is to transform our neighborhood, a USDA-designated “food desert” with limited access to transportation, into a home for accessible, affordable, healthy food.


Grassroots Grocery is:

– A democratically managed by member-owners store, providing the leadership and support to develop the resiliency and collaborative skills we need for a truly inclusive and just community.
– An economically viable cooperative grocery that makes healthy food more accessible to all.
– A local food distribution system that keeps money circulating in the local economy and supports new sustainable development.
– A place of community engagement of diverse stakeholders (neighborhoods, schools, churches, local government, parks, and other groups and individuals) to improve health , self-reliance, community wellness, and shared opportunities.