Fundraising & Philanthropy

Most companies, and even non-profits, have a mechanism for self-sustainability. As a brand new non-profit, we DON’T. Instead, we rely solely on the contributions of individuals, foundations, and grants for our survival. So far, we’ve been extremely fortunate to have raised over $100,000 in a very short period of time, but it is still not enough to create a sustainable organization.
As our fundraising intern, your chief responsibilities will be to investigate new sources of funding and, in partnership with executive leadership, to create a plan for acquiring new funding.


  • Have a scheduled, weekly briefing with executive leadership to discuss funding opportunities and plans for execution

  • Use the platform Grant Station to search for relevant grant opportunities

  • Write rough drafts of grant proposals

  • Use LinkedIn and internet research to find family foundations and corporations interested in social impact, philanthropy, and grantmaking

  • Use a CRM platform like Hubspot to track and manage funding opportunities

  • In conjunction with tech and graphic design teams, create and implement digital online fundraising campaigns – including team-based campaigns – to both galvanize current supporters and recruit new donors

  • Brainstorm and (potentially) execute creative events for in-person fundraising

  • Work in conjunction with our creative volunteers and interns to create social media posts and videos related to funding opportunities

  • Work in conjunction with our tech interns and volunteers to track the status of our fundraising campaigns and perform analytics on the success of our fundraising initiatives

  • Use wealth databases to research prospective donors


  • (Above all) a passion for making a change in the social impact sector

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Prior experience in or strong interest in fundraising and philanthropy

  • Outgoing, gregarious personality and willingness to do outreach and talk to potential donors about financial contributions

  • The ability to conduct professional presentations virtually (potentially in person) with prospective donors

  • Willingness to be one of the public faces representatives of philanthropy for a 501(c)3 organization

  • Experience in using a CRM to manage contacts or the ability to quickly learn new processes and procedures for tracking and managing contacts

  • A self-starter spirit and the desire to independently tackle problems and proactively devise solutions with minimal supervision is absolutely essential

  • The ability to stay accountable to hours worked and complete tasks in a timely manner in a virtual, asynchronous environment is absolutely essential. the ability to thrive in a collaborative, fast-paced startup environment