Low-Code Tech

As a new non-profit organization, we have many tech needs. We are also lucky to be in a time when we are taking advantage of the momentum of low-code technology tools to streamline and automate sales, marketing, and volunteer processes. These tools make it so that we can do without a full time marketing or development staff and spend more time on scaling our impact.
As the low code tech intern, your responsibilities would be to utilize low tech tools to improve our sales, marketing and volunteering processes with a focus on efficiency and user experience.
In this role, basic knowledge of Javascript will also be helpful but not necessary.


  • Meet regularly with executive leadership to brainstorm new tech features/improvements to current system/bug and error fixes that will help make our work more efficient for volunteers, staff, and interns.

  • Use Zapier or another tool to connect our volunteer database on Airtable with our website on Squarespace, allowing for volunteer recruiting to happen through our website

  • Optimize our SMS strategy for communication to volunteers and other stakeholders by utilizing software platforms like Airtable, Twilio, and Frontapp, with the potential for incorporating shortcodes through Zapier (or similar platforms like Integromat) to create an easier volunteering experience.

  • Perform analytics on our tech processes, in particular with regard to volunteer outreach and retention

  • Provide assistance with data migration from our current Marketing/Sales/Fundraising CRMs (Mailchimp, Kindful, and Keap/Infusionsoft) to our newly acquired Hubspot Sales/Marketing CRMs with a focus on ensuring that the integrity of original data is maintained.

  • Make low-code / no-code optimizations to our current Squarespace website

  • Embed Hubspot tracking codes into our Squarespace website to allow for automations to stakeholders based on website behavior

  • (Potentially) Copy our current Squarespace website onto Hubspot CMS to have as many resources as possible under one platform

  • Use Zapier to ensure that our volunteering database connects to our Hubspot Marketing/Sales CRMs, thereby creating a “universal source of truth” for data.

  • Maintain a clean and fully functioning airtable database for our volunteer records and implement no code optimizations whenever possible

  • (Optional, requires knowledge of Javascript) Implement javascript automations within the Airtable system to create new automations that improve our volunteer communication strategies

  • Clearly and precisely document all changes to our systems so as to leave a clearly documented “paper trail” for future volunteers, interns, and staff

  • Use Monday.com to optimize our task management systems and procedures for our internal team tasks


  • (Above all) a passion for making a change in the social impact sector

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Current experience with and/or an interest in / the ability to quickly learn low-code/no-code platforms such as Airtable, Hubspot, Zapier, Twilio, and Squarespace.

  • Experience with or interest in working with a startup team to optimize tech processes and procedures

  • (If you wish to help with creating most Airtable automations to optimize volunteer recruitment, intermediate experience with Javascript is required).

  • A self-starter spirit and the desire to independently tackle problems and proactively devise solutions with minimal supervision is absolutely essential

  • The ability to stay accountable to hours worked and complete tasks in a timely manner in a virtual, asynchronous environment is absolutely essential.

  • Excellent organizational skills to manage multiple contacts and tasks the ability to thrive in a collaborative, fast-paced startup environment